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Efficient Heated Floors with Under Floor Heating

Heated floors are some of the most efficient ways to keep your home warm in those cold months. Instead of forcing in heating through traditional, complicated ventilation systems, under floor heating allows heat to naturally rise up from the ground level.

This allows the heat to naturally rise using the laws of physics. Heat naturally Rises and ventilation systems placed high in the room have to expend a lot of energy to force that heat down. Another advantage of the system comes from the fact that it's built into the floor.

Heating systems based on radiators are less efficient than under floor heating. Radiators are usually placed near your walls and much of their total heating output is absorbed into the exterior of the building. Our heated floors can focus their energy on keeping your home warm allowing heat to naturally travel through your home.

Our heated floors are quick to install and can be easily controlled with our accompanying app. Our heating system is modular which means that your home can be heated based on your exact needs. Rooms can be divided up into Zones which can each be individually controlled. This allows you to have total control over how your home is heated and saves you tons of money when compared to conventional systems that need to heat entire buildings at once.

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