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Ready to enjoy a radiant floor? Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests or concerns. We love hearing from our customers and are happy to help. If you need help with estimating how much heat you need, feel free to email Cory with a sketch of your floor with measurements. Please mark where you would like your thermostat. Be sure to include cabinets, commode, tub, shower, etc. Voltage requirements (240V or 120V) depend on how much room you have in the breaker box and how many square feet of heat you will have on a single thermostat.  If you don't want to provide a sketch, simply figure how many square feet of heat you want, how many square of tile area, and how many thermostats you want to control the areas. Ask an electrician to make sure you have room in the breaker box.

Kingsport, TN, USA


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