These thermostats are available for sale with HeatBoard Systems kits. Simply choose the thermostat from the drop down box within the kit options on the product page. Other heat cable systems can be used with HeatBoard and must be purchased separately. For a list of compatible in floor heat cable systems, see below.



This state of the art touchscreen thermostat is extremely user friendly with sleek design and intuitive control designed for easy installation.  The 3.5" smart control color touchscreen is easy to navigate making programming this thermostat simple to do.  The thermostat comes with a default schedule that can be easily changed and any schedule override is just a touch away.

This programmable floor sensing thermostat includes the floor sensor, is designed to work with 120V or 240V electric floor heating systems, and has built-in GFCI protection. It is suitable for tile, stone, laminate, concrete, and wooden floors.  This thermostat has three supported languages: English, French, and Spanish.   


  • Thermostat settings can be exported to web page for support

  • Built-in wizard-interactive guide

  • Energy log-easy access to thermostat power consumption

  • Touchscreen-3.5" smart control

  • Programmable-Easy scheduling and adaptive control

  • Flexibility-universal compatibility with existing floor heating sensors

  • Made in Denmark

  • Child Lock

  • 3-year warranty

  • 5 year battery backup of clock and calendar 


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You are not limited to using HeatBoard Systems kits. You may choose to use HeatBoard with other heat cable companies. HeatBoard can be used with any in floor heat cable that is 3/16" thick or less. The following companies are suitable for HeatBoard.


When selecting a floor warming system, it is very important to use the highest quality products and to purchase from a company that offers the highest level of support. Warming Systems is considered a leader in the electric radiant floor industry and offers a 25 Year Limited Warranty. Our engineering department and friendly knowledgeable staff are eager to support you with any questions you may have.
This product is a “CABLE SET” type of heating system which is wire on a spool. 
It has a “single” cold lead, which means that the end of the heating wire does not need to be run back to the thermostat. The heating wire is less than 1/8” in thickness and fits securely in HeatBoard. The flooring is then installed over the heating wire.
This system can be installed under tile, marble, stone, or slate. Electric radiant floors create a comfort that has been compared to walking on a sandy beach on a sunny day. The warmth heats all the objects in the room using radiant energy potentially making it the most comfortable room in your home. Your home will have an added luxury that your friends and family will want, and will provide a great selling point. Any room that you install this product in will automatically become your favorite room in the home.


SunTouch WarmWire is a series resistance heating cable assembly for installation with HeatBoard. 
SunTouch WarmWire cables contain an electric heating wire to provide underfloor heat in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and other areas. Approved for installation in shower applications where permitted. Controlled by a SunStat floor sensing thermostat (sold separately). WarmWire is available in various lengths with voltage options of 120 or 240VAC.


The WarmlyYours TempZone™ 3.7-Watt Floor Heating Cable allows you to bring radiant warmth to any room. TempZone™ Floor Heating Cable (Twin) is ultra-low EMF by design. It features a twin conductor with a 15’ cold lead and is available in two voltage options and a range of lengths to meet the requirements of any installation. In 120V, we offer lengths ranging from 30 to 432 linear feet . For 240V, our lengths range from 55 to 864 linear feet.


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