Installation Instructions

  1. Dry lay HeatBoard in preplanned areas. Use 1/8" spacers to line up grooves and allow 1/8" space between boards. Fill remaining non-heat areas with Margin Board or other approved 1/2" backer board. 

  2. Use 1/4"x1/4" square notch trowel to thinset board to substrate.

  3. (If installing on a concrete slab, skip to step 4). Fasten backer board every 6" with 1-5/8" backer board screws.

  4. Lay heat cable in grooves. Connect installation monitor to the lead wire. 

  5. Insert the flooring sensor wires. Cut a groove from the thermostat location into at least 12" into the heat area between 2 heat cables. Make a 3"x3" pocket for the sensors. 

  6. Use flat side of trowel to skim thinset over the grooves. Wait 20-60 minutes for skim to dry. Start tiling. Allow tile installation to cure 28 days before energizing the heated floor. 


for the certified electrician


The contractor is responsible for confirming the heat cable is in good condition before installation. Before installation, the contractor must verify that the Ohm resistance is within range based on the white label attached to the lead wire. The contractor must also confirm that the black wire and white wire do have a short. For more information, click the link below.


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