The HeatBoard In Floor Heat System

The HeatBoard in floor heat system is quick to install and easy to work with.

The HeatBord tiling comes with pre-cut grooves that allow you to run our in floor heat system without needing to cut your own custom tiling. You just have to run our heat cable through the grooves in the tile and make sure the tile is securely fixed to the floor. Then simply attach your wood or tile flooring above that and enjoy all the comfort of having an in floor heat system.

The boards can be cut down to size and additional grooves can be cut into the board in order to accommodate excess wiring and different heating requirements. It's important to have a certified electrician inspect the heat cable before installing to make sure it is safe to use in does not contain any shorts. When properly installed, our heating system is both energy efficient and safe.

Rooms of any size can be outfitted with our heating system. Our tiles can be cut down to size for small rooms, rounded corners, and all of the things that contractors typically need to work around. For larger rooms, multiple systems can be interconnected via our available app in order to seamlessly join several HeatBoard in floor heating systems into a single unit.

If you are a contractor or you're looking to upgrade your own homes heating capabilities, get in touch with us today to find out more about how our our HeatBoard systems can help you save money and stay warm.