HeatBoard 30"x36" .47" thick 7.5sf

HeatBoard 30"x36" .47" thick 7.5sf

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HeatBoard is an insulated tile backer board that is pregrooved for electric heat cable. Each panel is 30"x36"x.47" thick. The polyiso core is inherently waterproof and dense enough to handle up to light commercial traffic. Floor use only. Tiles must be 6"x6" or larger. 


    HeatBoard is an insulated tile backer board pre-grooved for electric heat cable. There are 2 attributes that make HeatBoard better than any other heat system:

    1. Tile in the same day. All other systems require a screed or self-level that must cure for 2-3 days before tiling. This screed often creates and uneven surface which causes challenges of uneven tile installation. Self-level over heat cable is difficult to level because the surface tension must be disturbed to truly level the area. Tools used to disturb the surface can risk damaging the cable. Contractors struggle with self-level because it leaks into floor vents, under walls, through subfloor seams, and causes expensive damage. However, self-level is sometimes necessary. Therefore, I recommend a product called Edge Strip Kits to protect from such issues. Visit https://www.edgestripkits.com/ to learn more. Time is money. HeatBoard lets the contractor finish sooner, so she or he can move on to the next project.

    2. Just heat the tile! HeatBoard is a 4-in-1 solution for heating tile. 1) It is an approved tile underlayment for up to light commercial floor traffic (tiles must be 6"x6" or larger). 2) It encapsulates and protects the wire for easy tile installation. 3) HeatBoard core is inherently waterproof. Seal the seams with a moisture-cured polyurethane sealant to complete the waterproofing. This is highly beneficial for homeowners who want curb-less showers. 4) HeatBoard is a thermal break. The core of HeatBoard is polyiso which has the highest insulation value per cubic inch than any other building material. This means HeatBoard keeps the cold below and heat above. All other heat systems take 3-4 hours to heat the substrate before the tile gets warm. HeatBoard heats the tile within minutes. If the tile was 65°F, HeatBoard Systems can heat the tile to 85°F in 40 minutes. Save energy. Not only does HeatBoard save time and money on installation -- HeatBoard saves energy. Since HeatBoard Systems heat faster, it uses less kilowatt hours to heat and maintain.

    HeatBoard Systems can be used as the main source of heat for your home. Forced air heat can be inefficient, noisy, and distribute allergies throughout your home. With enough square feet, HeatBoard Systems can be an efficient, quiet, healthy, affordable installation and less energy cost for heating your home.


    1. Dry lay HeatBoard in preplanned areas. Use 1/8" spacers to line up grooves and allow 1/8" space between boards. Fill remaining non-heat areas with Margin Board or other approved 1/2" backer board. 
    2. Use 1/4"x1/4" square notch trowel and a latex modified thinset to adhere the board to the substrate.
    3. (If installing on a concrete slab, no additional fastners are necessary). For plywood or OSB subfloors, fasten backer board every 6" with 1-5/8" backer board screws. Particle board or luan are not suitable substrates for tile and must not be left within the layers of the substrate under tile. 
    4. Lay heat cable in grooves. Connect installation monitor to the lead wire. 
    5. Insert the flooring sensor wires. Cut a groove from the thermostat location into at least 12" into the heat area between 2 heat cables. Make a 3"x3" pocket for the sensors. 
    6. Use flat side of trowel to skim thinset diagonally over the grooves. Wait 20-60 minutes for skim to dry. Start tiling. Allow tile installation to cure 28 days before energizing the heated floor. 

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